Increase Website Traffic in 2019

How to Increase Website Traffic

It’s no secret that a website owner’s biggest dream is to increase the amount of monthly visitors. Not just any visitors, however, but rather quality leads that can ultimately lead to higher engagement and/or sales.

This article covers some advice that’s commonly thrown around, but the aim is to dive much deeper into these to ensure maximum results.

Don’t Dismiss SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been around since the world wide web was conceived. And while SEO has drastically evolved over the years, the very practice of page optimization is anything but dead. You must need to Consider Basic SEO Fundamentals

In its simplest form, SEO is the process of maximizing your content for search engine discoverability.

The level of optimization you perform depends on the overall tone you wish to convey. A magazine-style or entertainment website, for example, may opt for cutesy headlines such as, “We Couldn’t Believe How John Smith Performed at His Latest Concert.”

On the other hand, a greater focus on SEO would likely turn the above headline into, “John Smith Concert Review.” In its simplest form, once again, the reasoning here is to use phrases that the average user is likely to search for.

Other SEO factors include the repetition of a target phrase throughout the page, your content’s general length, the amount (and quality) of accompanying links, among other advanced tactics. We will cover some of these a bit more later on.


Build Strong Relationships

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario: You walked into a store and asked the owner – whom you don’t personally know – to place a small banner ad for your business.

The chances of success here are dismal. In fact, rest assured the store owner will not freely help you under any circumstances.

On the other hand, let’s say you have known the store owner for a long while. You have scratched each other’s backs on occasion, and the two of you have an admirable amount of chemistry.

Chances are he would happily advertise a related business of yours – perhaps free of charge as a favor.

Think of websites in the same way as the above scenario. Websites have owners, and owners are people. Instead of seeing related blogs are competitors, consider them potential allies and perform some of the following:

  • Send a personal ‘Hello’ to the website owner
  • Regularly participate by commenting on their latest content
  • Follow them on social media
  • Regularly share any content you find genuinely useful
  • Provide constructive, non-offensive feedback when necessary

The above will likely lead website owners to link to your content, be it from the person’s blog or social media accounts. If this doesn’t happen automatically, kindly ask for reciprocation! A long-lasting relationship goes a long way.

Embrace Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging refers to the practice of writing content for a website other than your own. If you own a dog grooming business, for example, you may have a goal of contributing a guest post on blogs related to dog care. You can read this Guest posting guide

By building the aforementioned relationships, kindly ask to become a guest blogger on websites that are highly related to yours. This leads to various benefits which can ultimately increase website traffic:

  • The opportunity to link to your own resources
  • Spread your brand name across the internet
  • Establish yourself as an authority figure within your niche
  • Increased trust naturally leads to word of mouth

As you can see, guest blogging provides much more than a mere link to your website; it is a way to establish yourself as a known and highly trusted source for your target audience.

Focus On Your Most Popular Content

In all likelihood, some of your website’s articles are generating more traffic than others. Some are great performers while others have not been quite successful.

Wouldn’t it make sense to analyze your best performers and come up with similar topics and keywords?

For instance, let’s say that your list of “25 Best Websites for Music Lovers” is a winner. In this case, create a second list titled, “25 More Websites for Music Lovers” – or even breaking down more articles by genre, such as “25 Best Websites for Country Music Lovers.”

This tactic essentially embraces the beauty of not reinventing the wheel, as sometimes there is no need to fix that which is not broken.

Don’t Just Use Social Media. Master it.

It’s quite common to mention social media when it comes to increasing website traffic. Social Media Marketing to Increase Website Traffic in 2018What’s not so common, unfortunately, is breaking down every aspect about your chosen medium and leveraging it to the fullest.

Don’t simply share your latest articles on the usual suspects (such as Facebook and Twitter) and quickly move on to the next piece of content. Instead, consider some of the following:

Develop a social media schedule and abide by it

✅ Don’t just share an article once, but rather multiple times throughout the week

✅ Share other people’s content as much (if not more) than your own

✅ Analyze your social media traffic and experiment with different times, days, and headlines

✅ Be personable; share fun content to break the monotony (a dog grooming business may occasionally share a friendly or humorous dog meme)

✅ Social media deserves just as much attention as your website; this is where much of your audience potentially hangs out, after all.


Get Creative

Let’s expand a bit more on building a personal brand. Many businesses periodically engage their audience with strategies such as:

  • Customer incentives
  • Rewards to existing customers
  • Regular discounts
  • Periodic newsletters (ongoing communication is important)

Increasing website traffic requires you to treat it as a business and, as such, provide visitors with similar goodies on a regular basis:

√  Consider monthly giveaways only available to newsletter subscribers

√  Quarterly contests exclusively available on social media

Regular discounts of select products and services

√  Embrace a friendly image as opposed to an overly corporate atmosphere


Final Word

All of the above can gradually lead to increased satisfaction, whether your audience consists of customers or regular readers. Before you know it, word of mouth would also play a large role and ultimately drive to quality traffic and leads.


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