SEO Fundamentals That Will Never be Changed With Algorithm Updates

If you are a Webmaster or a blog owner, you must hear about the Google algorithm update history. When was the last time you heard about the algorithm update? I think, most recently, right?  1st August 2018, Google made the biggest core Algorithm update. They Consider, YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) update Along with other major Algorithm update. I know a lot of website Start dropping their website visitor after this Algorithm update. If you heard about it and made changes according to the algorithm rules, you are in safe zone.

Why I am talking about only Google algorithm update where as there are other big search engine like Bing and Yahoo?

Google is the most dominated search engine around the users. According to a report on searchengineland, 80% of total search engine users prefer to use Google as their Primary Search engine. Personally I also use Google because of their best filtering algorithm which provides the accurate date compared to Yahoo and Bing. If you consider the history of Search engine, you might know that Yahoo is older than Google.  Google has launched on September 15, 1997 (21 Years ago). Yahoo has launched on March 2, 1995 (23 years ago). Bing launched on June 1, 2009

Google Has become world’s most dominated search Engine, because of quality of data provided for users and it has become possible due to a large number of Algorithm update compared to other search engine.  Here are some Recent Google updates:

August 1, 2018- Google Broad Core Algorithm Update
Focused on YMYL (Your Money Your Life) Pages, Links quality and Relevancy, and Content Quality.


Mid-May 2018 – Algorithm Quality Update
Focused on Site speed, structure and Mobile friendliness, Quality of Content, thing Content Filtering and Content Duplication issue.


Mid-April, 2018 – Broad Core Algorithm Quality Update Announced
Competitive Analysis (Content, Backlinks, Community involvement, social profiles) and placed best Blog to top search


March 14 2018 – A Change to the Core Algorithm
Focus not to punish anyone but to place better rank position that are doing the best thing.


December 14, 2017 – “Maccabees” Update
The main Aim was place best Sites, including E-commerce on special day or seasonal offer on seasonal holidays.


March, 14 2017 – Google Fred is announced
The main Focused on Google Fred update was to find out low-quality Content. After the update, google remove Low quality content and place best place to quality content in SERP


Mid-January, 2017 – Intrusive Interstitial Penalty
The update was made for The Popup Penalty. Sites with Too much Popups got Penalty and removed from top SERP


So, if you are optimizing for Google Search Engine, you are done with other search Engine.

If you really want to survive, you have to keep an eye on the algorithm updates in a regular basis. There are some fundamentals algorithms for all Major Search Engine which will never be changed.

SEO Fundamentals That Will Never be Changed With Algorithm Updates

Make sure Bots access

First of all you need to make sure that bots can access your sites. If your site blocks Google bots to access your site you site will never be known by Google. Every Search Engine has own automated robot to “crawl” a site. Google has a powerful Robot called Googlebot that always looks for crawling a website or newly generated pages. If Googlebot can’t access your site, then Google will not index your website. To get index by Google and to get placed by google search page, make sure your robot.txt file allow Googlebot.

If you built your website on wordpress or with other CMS, you need not to worry about it because by default, every CMS allow all kind of bots. Your default robot.txt file will look like:

User-agent: *


It means all kind of web bots will be able to crawl your website. There top 3 Search engine boots are:




There are others boots:






If you want to disallow any specific pages, you can do it simply by editing your robots.txt file. For example if you want to de-index Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy, and Contact page, then your Robots file should looks like

Disallow: /contactus.htm

Disallow: /privacypolicy.htm

Disallow: /tos.htm

If you want to disallow specific boots, for example if you want to disallow “AhrefsBot” from crawling website, you need to add this to your robots file. If you do, Ahrefs will not be able to crawl your site.

User-agent: Ahrefs

BotDisallow: /

So, make sure that your website is Crawl able to all major search engines. They will come to your website randomly and crawl new pages to index and rank placement.

No alternatives of Quality Content

Nowadays Google’s main focus on Quality of Content. Content is the king. If you can keep updating high quality content regularly, I guarantee you that you will start getting rank with some long tail keyword even if you do no SEO of your site. Peoples Around say unique content but Google says unique with quality. You have to make people become interest of reading your blog post. You should publish Article with minimum 1000 words. I saw some article with 5k+ word and I keep reading the blog without being bored. That is called Quality content. If you can publish the best quality of content there will be higher changes to viral which will ultimately create your brand.

So my suggestion is, Read your competitors content or content from Google’s top 5 sites then make better, longer and more informative article. You will understand the value of quality content.

Make the best site structure

If you done with few articles in your website, work on site structure. Try to make a simple structure. It will help Googlebot to crawl your site easily. How Google will evaluate your site, will depend on how user and bot friendly your site structure is. So make a very simple site structure. Make sitemap and submit it to Google search console. If you have video in your site then make a video sitemap to get your video higher ranking. If you are using wordpress, then Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast would be the best plugin for generating your sitemap.

Site Speed – Responsiveness and Mobile friendliness

In 2017, There were several also several Algorithms which focused on site quality include Content quality, Site loading speed and mobile friendliness. As I mentioned above “Mid-May 2018 – Algorithm Quality Update” was the core algorithm update which focus on site’s overall quality. So you must focus on site loading speed, Responsiveness and Mobile friendliness. Nowadays Google don’t place higher ranking which are not mobile friendly and which take long time to load. So optimize your site for higher speed. Make your site mobile friendly and it must be responsive to any devices.

Trust is built in networks

This is one of the fundamentals that every search engine considers and it will never be changed. Your Network represents your trustworthiness. If you have bigger Network you become more trustworthy to search engine. You should not only build network on social platform but in your niche community. Try to make connection with trustworthy sites and community. Remember, the more links pointed to your site from trustworthy sites the more trustworthy you will be.

Rank Manipulated Tactics

I remember, when I start practicing SEO I was doing nothing but building backlinks as many as possible from high PageRank ( PageRank matrix is no longer updated) website. I did not care about the link relevancy. I used to creat Do-follow backlinks and it really worked. I remember, I used several SEO automation tools like Senuke, Xrumer and GSA SEO Ranker and I was successful to get rank 1. Most of the time I used blackhat SEO practice and I became successful. But After the Google penguin update (April 24, 2012) all of my sites got panelized. Some of them even got deindex by Google. The aim of Google penguin update was identifying blackhat seo and irrelevant linkbuilding that Manipulate SERP. So don’t try to manipulate ranking by creating irrelevant backlinks, PBN links or paid links. Paid guest posting from niche site should be ok if it looks natural.

So try to create relevant and natural links. Focus on more social signals. Don’t even dare to manipulate SERP.


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