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How SEO works

Google and other search engines determine the score of search results by looking at their relevancy and authority of pages among other pointers. For example, Google employs over 200 signals in scoring search results – these are the exact guidelines that professional SEOs try to meet by combining creative and technical activities to improve some of the signals. Without focusing too much on the individual ranking signals, the wider goal of Google is to give the best answer to every user’s query.

Needless to say, SEO uses words that customers type on the search engines and aims at offering excellent user experience with high-quality expert content that offers appropriate answers.Google brings together a large team of SEO quality raters to evaluate the quality of the results that the learning algorithm receives. You can learn more about Google Search Quality Guidelines which offer clear explanations and examples of the content that Google prefers and rewards. Ultimately, the search engine’s emphasis lies on rewarding sites that display expertise, authority,and Trust (EAT).

But how does Google determine the EAT of a page? You might ask.

PageRank is a hyperlink based algorithm that Google uses to calculate authority and popularity of a page. An effective way to boost your authority and ranking is to offer quality content to your audience and also improve the quality and number of “inbound links” to your website. The latter activity has historically been known as link building.

Reputable websites linking to yours is a strong show to Google that the site might be of interest to users and can be trusted as a source of answers to relevant queries that users ask.

SEO process changes rapidly and from time to time due to the numerous Google algorithm updates that change how ranking is done reached upon by the powers that be at Google. In the end, many webmasters will confess that it almost feels like a never-ending battle between themselves and the search engines. This uncertainty calls for a feature-based approach to how SEO works.

There are technical and creative activities that are often grouped as Offsite SEO and Onsite SEO. These terminologies are quite dated,but you may need to understand how they work to help you split practices that can be carried inside and out of a website.

Due to the big number and sometimes the complexity of  SEO activities, it might be difficult doing everything on your own especially when starting out. However, you can learn and implement most as you go but remember to take caution as a few mistakes are enough to land you in big trouble with Google or your visitors. Alternatively, and possibly the better option, hire an affordable SEO service to do this work for you as you concentrate on other critical areas of your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) simply refers to various activities and processes carried out to enhance the visibility of a website on the search engine’s unpaid results.Put in other words, SEO comprises a set of activities that web owners need to complete in an attempt to boost their site’s ranking on search engines results.Research shows that business that make it to the first page of Google gets the lion’s share in regard to click through rates (CTR) and organic traffic.

In a world where most internet users rely on search engines to find products and services, SEO is a crucial factor in the success or failure of any online business. This helps to explain the stiff competition that exists between websites looking to appears high on the search results to capture as much organic traffic as possible.

If your goal is to acquire more organic traffic and reduce your expense on paid traffic and other more more involving traffic acquisition tactics, then consider investing in professional SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO, just as the name suggests, refers to all measures taken directly within your site in order to improve your search rankings and visibility. There are several foundations of on-page SEO like using keywords in your content and optimizing your meta description, alt tags, title tags, and HTML code among others.

We take a close look at some of the key on-page SEO factors you need to consider below.

  • Keywords

Keyword optimization is still critical especially when it comes to long tail keywords. A good approach toward keywords is to think about your audience and then find a balance between their search patterns and terms and what you’re offering as part of your service or product. In general, your role as an SEO professional or business owner is to analyze the types of words/terms and the frequency of searches by prospective customers to find suitable products or services to offer.

  • Meta Description

This short description found below your URL on a search engine results is used to describe what that particular page or post contains. It offers you the opportunity to place your relevant keywords which helps improve click through rates and possibly even improve overall visibility to search engine crawlers.

  • Alt Text

For all media content published on your site like videos and images, its recommended to add relevant alt text that help search engine bots identify the type of media and keywords to associate it to. This text should be kept to a minimum and only use your best keywords.

  • Title Tag

Adding title tags to the content on your web pages provides an opportunity for you to include relevant keywords. This is key in boosting your site’s ranking and also enabling readers understand what your pages entail.

  • URL Structure

Having an organized URL structure makes it easier for search engine crawlers to scrap each and every page of content. For best results, be sure to add your primary keyword to your URLs to make it easy for bots and users understand the content in the pages. URLs that are easy to comprehend have a higher chance of getting clicked.

  • Internal Linking

Just as the name suggests, internal linking refers to linking back to content on other pages of your website that contain relevant content. These links also make it easier for search engines to crawl your entire site more effectively.

  • Page Performance

Search engines keep track of how long users spend on your site and other aspects such as how long it takes to load. These metrics are then inputted on the search engine algorithm in order to determine your website’s rating. In such a scenario, having an unresponsive site will significantly harm your site’s ranking.

Off-page SEO

Off-site SEO covers all activities performed outside a website to boost visibility on organic searches. Put simply, this aspect of SEO has more to do with link building which aims at getting links from reputable and relevant websites. The more quality links you have on your site, the higher your rankings are likely to be.

Off-page SEO comprises all the page ranking factors that exist externally such as backlinks, promotional methods, and social media exposure. These factors all play a critical role towards your site’s ranking on the search engines.

We take a look at some of the key parts of off-page SEO.

  • Backlinks

Backlinking is easily the most challenging task that SEO professionals partake in their off-page exploits. Some of the most common ways of soliciting for these links include guest blogging, getting featured in industry-leading publications, or reaching out to industry leaders for mentions in their websites. A well-developed backlinks campaign should see your site’s popularity soar through the rooftop.

  • Domain Authority

Domains authority refers to a ranking that’s attached to your site’s domain and which is calculated by search engines to determine the strength of your domain name. Usually, a few factors are taken into account to come up with this figure including how long you have owned the domain, the domain name history, number of 404 pages, and backlinks. As long as you maintain a well-optimized site and domain, then you should have no problem with this metric.

  • Social Promotion

Boosting social media activities around your company’s profile tends to generate more clicks thereby resulting in increased traffic flow to your site. That said, it’s important to remember that great content that is SEO optimized works best with social promotions and press releases. As such, always focus to create amazing content that your social media audience will love and get rewarded with high click through and conversion rates.

Why does your business need SEO services?

For starters, SEO can be overwhelming especially if you didn’t have a sound strategy – indeed, before anything else, you need to understand what you are doing. Unfortunately, with its ever-changing scope, it gets difficult trying to keep up with pace at which new guidelines are introduced.

If you can relate to this situation, then you most likely need professional SEO services. These are SEO experts that have invested heavily in understanding search engines and their algorithms. Leverage their experience and knowledge to achieve immense success in your SEO exploits.

Here are 5 important reasons why you need SEO services:

  • SEO services help to increase the visibility of your website.
  • These services come equipped with all the necessary SEO tools and techniques to help your business exploit the existing gaps and weaknesses of the competition.
  • Helps to attract traffic through the use of the right set of keywords.
  • Improve link-building for tremendous improvements in rankings.

Do you need to improve your website accessibility to clients and search engines? Our company can help you create an effective SEO campaign that triggers Google and other search engines to take note of your business.

Professional SEO Services

With the changing landscape of SEO, It’s extremely difficult to keep up with SEO tactics alone. As a result, you may need a professional SEO company to handle various key areas of your SEO activities.

We offer affordable SEO for businesses with both small and big budgets, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click management, content development,and link building.

We can make your website get noticed by customers, in the same manner you found our website. With our cheap professional SEO services, you can rest assured that we will improve your site’s visibility to help you get more clients.

Below is what our professional SEO service entails:

  • Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking to significantly improve your business’s rankings in search results? We can help you scale higher, thanks to our knowledgeable services that combine all the SEO best practices to boost organic traffic and visibility.

  • On-Page SEO

Our on-page services primarily focus on fully optimizing your site performance, content creation,and site structure. Here, we assist you in improving your site’s loading speeds, mobile usability,and metadata optimization among others.

  • Off-Page SEO

For this offering, we strategize on how to optimize external signals that impact search ranking. Our off-page SEO services mainly focus on link building as well as social media marketing.

  • Local SEO

This is a localized service that caters for business with customers located in small and specific geographic areas. This is a unique service that requires a different approach as it uses Google maps and other directory listings.

  • Quality Link Building

Links are what readers use to navigate around your site. Bad link construction could wreck your site and result in poor ranking in search results. In addition, you may create a bad picture in the eyes of Google if you have toxic links on your site.

When you contact us for link building services, the first thing we do is to conduct a link audit. Here, we first focus on removing bad links and further lift any penalties Google may have placed on your site due to them. Within no time, your site remains with only the most authoritative links to help customers find your business.

For any subsequent backlinks that we go for, we ensure that they are all natural. We do not use link schemes or other cheap and risky strategies like web 2.0 properties. Besides, we rely minimally on guest posts published in sites that have no correlation to yours or those with poor link profiles themselves. Instead, we focus on building powerful links from relevant, high DA websites that are guaranteed to boost your search engine rankings. We understand that the key to succeeding in link building lies in focusing on the quality and not quantity of the link.

As part of our professional SEO services also, we analyze your leading competitors using SEO Tools to see what is working for them. That way, we can help you capitalize on the available opportunities and leapfrog them on Google, Yahoo, Bing,and other search engines.

Finally, in the event you have a dedicated team of SEO but still want some reinforcements and fresh ideas, we can offer professional SEO consulting to teach them top level SEO practices and furnish them with workable ideas.

  • Content development

One way to boost traffic in your business is through content development. Contact us today and we’ll come up with a powerful content strategy that enables your website to appeal more to your customers and search engines.Successful websites must abide by the best SEO practices as well as the Search Quality Ratings Guidelines with an emphasis on:

  • Writing content that the end user
  • Providing content that is easy to understand and offers value.
  • Offer content that provides appropriate answers to queries.
  • Offer high quality and creative content.

Entrust us with your content needs and let our trained, native speakers craft high-quality content that converts readers into buyers and action takers.

  • Social media marketing

Do you need a larger audience on social media to drive traffic to your site? We can help you acquire an informed and educated following that trusts you and buys your ideas and recommendations.

Choosing us to manage your social media will help you save on time, build your customer loyalty, establish your brand, and get viral. Our social media SEO service can create a buzz around your brand. Whether it’s your first time expanding your social media realms or you just want to win more customers, we can boost your online presence and make your business more popular on all the key social media platforms.

  • Pay-Per-Click

Anyone depending on SEO can agree that it is all about conversions. If you need to generate more conversions, PPC management and PPS campaign are crucial.

Looking to find new customers through an effective PPC campaign? Our SEO service can help you with managing the entire process.

We’ll gather relevant data that we use to determine whether all your keywords are up to date.This step helps us in identifying those that have the best chance to benefit your business. We’ll then bid on them to get you the highest ROI possible.

Worth mentioning is that PPC advertisement is an ongoing process. As such, we employ human daily monitoring to monitor your data and ensure that the campaign remains vibrant and profitable.

Cheap Affordable SEO Service

Every business needs to establish an online presence in this era. With more consumers now consulting search engines before they can make their purchases, it pays to have a website where you can showcase and sell your products and services.

However, the process of getting ranked highly on Google and other search engines is never that straightforward meaning you need to work with proven but affordable SEO services to help you rank. These are professionals that understand Google so well and can also figure out what the customer needs. You can trust us to be these people.

Most SEO agencies will promise you improved ranking only to build spammy links that work for a short time only. We hear a lot of these scary stories here with some of our customers admitting to have lost their money with other shoddy agencies out there. Unfortunately, they only come to learn about it as soon as Google releases updates and their temporary rankings go down in a flash.

This is against our ethics. Our work observes all the best Google marketing service guidelines to ensure any rankings we achieve for your business benefits you for a long time.

But aren’t you expensive?

Well, this is a common question that web owners ask us here every day. Well, to try and address it in simple terms, we’d say that the cost of your SEO mainly depends on the specific requirements and results you’re looking for. In some cases also, it all comes down to how your website compares to your rivals on the rankings and how fast you need to see it rise up the ladder.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable enough regarding how to achieve success on all major search engines. We follow effective SEO methodologies that boost powerful impact on the success of your online presence.

And the best part? You only need an affordable budget to compete with other websites that are possibly spending thousands of dollars to achieve meagre results.

Reach us for affordable SEO services.

Reasons to hire us for cheap affordable and professional services

Being a full-service SEO company, we are committed to helping you out-perform your competition, obtain more authority through quality links, and utilize the latest Google API. We can get you in the top 10 search results of leading search engines.

As an ethical SEO company, we aim to meet all SEO requirements for your business to increase your brand awareness. We are proud of serving long-term and new clients by promoting their online presence and rankings.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire us for cheap and affordable SEO services.

  • Responsible

We set goals for each project and set specific but reasonable deadlines for each of them. To help us get a good estimate of how much time we require for each project, we conduct a thorough market research vis-a-vis our customer’s brand. We also have an experienced team of experts who carry out SWOT analysis for each project to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,and threats.

Every project is assigned to a dedicated and skilled project manager who will keep in touch with you for every activity that is done on the website. The SEO professional will check into all aspects of your site and give you updates of what they found and what needs to be done.

Our work is guided by the fact that SEO changes all the time and as such, try to keep up with the ever-changing algorithm of search engines and monitor competitors’ websites. We are here to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible span.

  • Higher ROI

We are fully committed to offering all our customers with a higher return on investment. Our cheap SEO services offer the right value with minimal risks involved.

Once you hire us, we evaluate your website, set goals and plans, and look for the best strategies to boost your organic traffic. While we won’t guarantee specific results (no reputable SEO will), we’re always willing to go a step further to ensure we meet our promise to you even if it means allocating more time and efforts. Try our services today for high returns on your investment.

  • Increased visibility

To generate sales and a constant stream of income, your website needs to be easily accessible to customers. We promote businesses in every portal to ensure optimal web exposure. Your site will be visible on all major search engines algorithm, forums,and social media.

Most visitors these days prefer to use mobile devices to access the internet. As such, we confirm with your developer to ensure your business is not losing customers for a lack of a mobile optimized structure or theme.

  • Long-term results

As mentioned earlier, we have seen enough stories to make us believe that a majority of SEO services providers hardly care about the welfare of their clients websites. We’ve found out that most use spammy links which while showing improvements in rankings for a short time will ruin rankings, some times for a very long time.

Luckily for you, our company only uses white-hat and effective methodologies to achieve the desired results that are sure to last for a long time.Hire us to enjoy constant sales and steady income for an extended time.

  • Affordable prices

We understand the value of any hard-earned money and wouldn’t like to appear greedy when helping our fellow business equals. People on all levels of business income can therefore come and enjoy our services at affordable prices.You don’t need to break your bank to get our cheap SEO Services packages. And no, don’t mistake our low prices to mean cheap services. We’re better than most expensive providers, helping our customers record high amount of sales and steady traffic a few months after hiring us.See what some of them say about our services in the testimonials sections below.

  • Transparency

Our company believes that transparency is the key to building trust with SEO clients. We have come up with accurate methods of updating the results of our monthly efforts for our clients. In these reports, we highlight the key results of our SEO activities and underline where links have been built and where work is in progress.

We also welcome monthly discussions with our clients to discuss the projects and any new issues that might be arising. Our discussion mainly includes a quick review of our monthly SEO services as well as coming up with a plan for other future goals. We also offer our clients analytical reports that show details of any changes in organic visitors and targeted keywords.

In a nutshell, we try to make our work as transparent as it can be.

  • Friendly Customer Support

Are you looking for solutions for challenges facing your business concerning SEO? You can always rely on our friendly customer support team for answers. We’re available to help you right from when we book you to the end of your project.

Once you reach us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated customer support representative who will help you resolve all your queries, issues or concerns. Find comprehensive answers to common issues,and for complex issues, get solutions via email.

You can reach us on phone, email or live chat.

What customers say about us and our SEO services


I really appreciate the efforts your team has put to increase traffic in my site. I now spend less on SEO and have more options to invest my savings. Thank you very much.


I was looking for cheap and affordable SEO services. By sheer luck (and I say this as I was almost closing a deal with another company which I later came to find out was a scam), I came across this provider on Google and contacted them. Long story short, they have helped to drive tens of customers to my website and my business is booming.


The first thing I loved about this company is their friendly and reliable staff. I have always gotten helpful answers from them every time I reach out although a bit late sometimes – could be an issue with timezone differences. In such a dynamic world of internet marketing, I have found this company to be always ahead of the game. I do recommend them for professional SEO services.


I have been reviewing various providers sent to me recently for my website. However, my special mention goes to the awesome team at this company. They helped my site rise up to the first page within a record6 weeks. Before we hired a different agency,but the best we ranked was on page three. Right now, several of our keywords are on the first page and still rising. It’s unbelievable how they manage to charge so affordably yet offer such results. Thanks,team!


One of the major factors that led me to their services was their high ranking on Google as well as the professionalism they conveyed when I jumped on call with them first time. I’ve really enjoyed working with them and loving the results so far.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers for our Affordable SEO services

  • What is search engine marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the overall procedure of marketing your website on search results engines.This involves optimization, submission, and inclusion programs just to mention a few.

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

This is a popular term which refers to the designing, writing,and coding of your site so that your pages can rank high on engine queries. Essentially, SEO is the process of affecting your website’s visibility in a search engine’s search results. As a result, the more frequently your site appears on top results, the more visitors the site receives.

  • Why is SEO so important?

SEO is a crucial aspect for any online business. This is simply because over 85% of internet users depend on search engines to find the products and services they need. SEO should form the backbone of your online business, otherwise your site has little chances of gaining traffic especially if you plan to rely on search engines. You can seek the services of a professional SEO campaign to achieve the best ROI (Return On Investment), through delivering the targeted traffic to your website.

  • How long will my website take to get indexed on search engines?

Well, this may vary depending on the search engine policy. However, in general, you should not wait for more than a week for a new website to appear on searches.

  • How much will it take to see the results?

The speed at which you achieve the desired rankings is determined by many factors. If you need to do SEO work and improve on keyword phrases, it may take a few days. For markets with high competition, it may take much longer. For the fasted ranking we recommend that you try our affordable SEO services today.

  • Who prepares the content?

If you’d like us to handle your content needs on top of SEO services, you’ll be glad to know that we have a dedicated team that deals with all articles, press releases, PDFs, and videos. We acquire images from our own photo library or purchase others for some projects.

  • How many links can I expect?

We do not sell packages for backlinks. Most services that offer packages by backlinks may get tempted to offer poor quality links that often end up wrecking your site. What sets us apart from most SEO service providers is our insistence on quality over quality.

Our link acquisition process essentially involves our in-house staff looking for quality websites in your business’s niche and publishing original content on it with a link back to your site. These kind of links stick in the search engine for longer.

  • How does link building work?

Once we improve your site’s online presence, you will begin to get noticed by other websites. If your website offers good value to the reader, other website owners are likely to link to your content or share it on social media. Other methods that we commonly use include guest posting and outreach.

Links from high DA help to add more authority to your site which then results in better ranking.

  • How do I stay ahead of the competition to maintain online visibility?

Search engine market is an ongoing strategic business process. As a result, you have to keep up with the ever-changing landscape and policies. Our consultative process involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor and coming up with appropriate strategies to keep your site visible to your clients.

  • Do you offer guarantees?

No reputable SEO company can guarantee a number 1 position on a given keyword phrase. Each search engine has too many variables in place when determining the rankings.Nonetheless, we always put in our best effort with every project assigned to us – our goal is to meet and even surpass our clients’ expectations every time.

  • Can I get top ranking with a single keyword?

Internet marketing continues to grow everyday meaning competition is also growing by the day. As such, it might prove frustrating trying to target single keywords or going too narrow with your site.

The right way to do this is to write engaging content that targets multiple keyword phrases. By keyword phrases, it means 2-3 word phrases that your target audience is likely to search on Google when looking for your products and services. Keep in mind that single keywords do not generate many leads. Some keywords are going to work better than others,so it takes time to get top ranking.

  • My competitors are using spam tactics, why are they doing better than me?

Not all spam gets detected by search engines. Like hackers, once search engines create methods, there are people always looking for loopholes to exploit. Unfortunately for such users, algorithms almost always catch up with them and all their work go down the drain. Google abhors spammy links and so there’s a likelihood that sites with such links will eventually get penalized.

  • What is Local Search?

Local search is a way that search engines use to deliver results for businesses and services within a confined geographic area. Also referred to as Local SEO, this is a good way for physical businesses as owners can derive remarkable benefits. Yahoo, Google and Bing offer services that allow local business owners to form a business listing online as long as they use accurate information about their products and services. The service includes a link to the website, their phone numbers, and a map showing the location of the business.

  • How much does SEO services cost?

The answer is “it depends.” Our services do not include specific “canned” packages of service. Instead, the cost of service depends upon what the client needs. We interact with customers from a wide range of businesses with varying needs, expected results and budget.

Generally, the following are factors we use to price our services:

  • Size of the business
  • Where your site ranks for most important keywords
  • Where you want to rank
  • Number of keywords you want to target
  • Your activity on social media, content creation, email marketing and much more.

I am expecting a long term project with you that will benefits both of us. Thanks